God is Speaking To You, But Are You Listening?


Over the past few days, prophetic blogs have flooded my email. How about yours?  Though, I have not been reading these blogs, the titles have caught my attention. God has been speaking to me and encouraging me just by the titles.  

"The New Chapter," "Keep Holding On," "Don't  Be Dismayed, God is Speaking To Many in Brand New Ways," "The Fire That You Carry Will Change the Atmosphere," "All that is Hidden Will Be Revealed," "Expected Favor," "Deep Cries Unto Deep," "I Sleep, But My Heart Is Awake," “The Courts of Heaven Are Ruling in Your Favor – Justice is Being Served,” and "Keep Going God is Sending Some Peculiar Breakthroughs."

God is letting me know He is going to break through for me!  What is God speaking to you?  Are you listening?

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