Julie HouseIt is exciting that the Holy Spirit led you to this inspirational, encouraging and thought provoking corner of the web. Enter into an atmosphere that radiates the love of Your Heavenly Father. Let His Love, like oil, be poured out over you and saturate you.

You need to begin to realize and understand why you should be focused on a relationship with Our Heavenly Father. As you discover His Love, you will experience a new found peace, freedom and joy.

You Are Worth It Ministries was birthed out of a season where the author, Julie had to discover why she was worth it to herself and her Heavenly Father. She had hit her “rock bottom” and knew changes needed to take place. She knew she could not continue in her own strength and on her own anymore. All she could see were her past wrong turns, mistakes, failures, disappointments, heartaches and pain. She was measuring her life by the worlds standards, not God's.

God had been waiting patiently for years for this appointed time for Julie to say yes and surrender her life to Him. God met her right where she was with His arms open wide and His unconditional love. Read her book and see how God transformed her from the inside out.

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To discover God's divine purpose and destiny for women from all nations.


To change the hearts of hurting women feeling unworthy, unwanted, unloved and rejected;
To provide direction for women that want to achieve peace, freedom, balance, and confidence;
To guide, assist and equip women to develop their full-potential in Jesus Christ.


To see women set-free and healed from their past;
To inspire and encourage women to soar as eagles as God intended.


Seeing Your Life from Another's Perspective

As I woke up the morning of 7/27/16, while still lying in bed I thanked the Lord for one more day to work on His plan for my life.  And, I ask Him what does He have for me to do today...His agenda for my day.

My mind began to wander.  I was alone in my house tucked away in my room with the window a/c unit running, so it was silent to the noises of the world.  A sense of isolation and fear tried to invade my spirit.  It was a feeling of loneliness. Wondering if anybody... read more

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